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Work environment becomes more stressful for many people. With more intense business competition, people are getting more pressure at work. They are required to improve their performance and even compete with fellow employee for a promotion spot. This is the time when you need to be in you’re A game and that’s only possible when you have a good wellness both body and mind.

Too busy at work becomes big reason why many people don’t exercise properly. But actually, the more they busy at work, they need proper workout even more. It is already proven that people with good physical body condition able to deliver better performance. Routine fitness workout will help maintain good wellness and it will positively affect your performance at work. Of course, it isn’t just any workout but the one designed to increase energy level, improved posture and body language, and better thinking. Health and fitness class online at Zeqr offers you opportunity to learn about fitness exercise to increase productivity. As the leading platform for online courses, Zeqr is committed to provide best quality courses from its expert contributors. They are professionals with seasoned experience in their field. Amogn them are veteran experts and professionals in health and fitness.

Bob Choat, a professional transformation trainer and life coach, has a very interesting course titled How Fitness Helps Increase Productivity and Success in the Workplace. This course is based on his experience training and working with executives, athletes, and professionals from different field to reach better transformation in life by improving total wellness. This course will give you new insight as well as practical knowledge on how to plan and manage the right fitness program to help you improve your productivity. More than just physical exercise, it is also including training consciousness and mind to become more spirited person. It will help you transforming to a better one.

Health Diet Foods – Three Top 10 Best Foods For Protein, Carbs, and Fat

Healthy Diet Foods are essential for your weight loss success. Before I jump into this triple feature top 10 list of the best health diet foods I want to go over a few things, some general guidelines. First off, many people who are afraid of getting into the same eating routine often approach me. They ask if it is possible to create a wide variety of foods to fill out their diets. The answer is yes, but coming from personal experience, I eat the same foods every week. I have about 10 different meals that I absolutely love and have eaten them regularly for 5+ years and it has never gotten old or boring. These health diet foods are very high in nutritional value and supply me with everything I need and it is varied enough. Now, it isn’t set in stone, if you wish to expand your combination of meals to 20 or even 30 different meals feel free to do so.

About the lists

I have broken the list into 3 categories. The top 10 in protein, the top 10 in carbs and the top 10 in fat. Feel free to mix and match these 10 foods for each category in any way you wish. As with any diet, you want to keep a close eye on your calorie intake. I wont go into how many calories you should consume as it is different for everyone. I recommend a simple Google search for “calorie intake guide”. That should yield a helpful guide to your personal calorie intake. Below is the 3 lists of Health Diet Foods starting with Proteins

Top 10 Protein Foods

1. Chicken (without skin)

2. Turkey (without skin)

3. Lean cuts of beef

4. Lean cuts of pork

5. Lean cuts of lamb

6. Lean cuts of veal


8. Egg whites

9. Tuna fish

10. Salmon

Top 10 Carb Foods

1. Brown Rice

2. 100% whole wheat bread

3. 100% whole wheat bagels

4. 100% whole wheat pita bread

5. Whole wheat/whole grain pasta

6. Sweet potatoes

7. Yams

8. Oatmeal

9. Buckwheat

10. Bulgur

Top 10 Foods for Fat

Keep in mind these Health Diet Foods on this list aren’t High in fat, they are the good kind of fat at the right levels

1. Salmon

2. Mackerel

3. Herring

4. Anchovies

5. Sardines

6. Scallops

7. Halibut

8. Fish oil supplements (I use this brand)

9. Peanuts

10. Almonds

There you go, that is a solid start to healthy diet foods you can focus on. With this clear list you can mix and match all the different meals you want. In fact, if my math is correct there are more than 1000 of combinations with this list alone. There are plenty of other health foods these are just those that suite my personal criteria. Creating a diet plan and following effective exercising rituals are great ways to lose weight and keep it off. I want to take a minute to talk about detoxification diets.

Detoxification diets aren’t exactly health diet foods but they do provide a quick effective method to lose weight fast. In fact you can start seeing dramatic results within a week. I recommend a great detox diet before you start your life long weight loss routine. If you are interested in a fast acting detox diet I know of a very effective one which you can find within the two links below.

Your Nutritional Health Diet And Good Fats Vs Bad Fats

For decades, the emphasis has been put on reducing fats in our diets in order to prevent obesity, decrease cholesterol, lower blood pressure and to generally improve our health. Turns out that reducing fat intake isn’t truly the key to good health, after all. Instead, it is learning the difference between the types of fat we consume and making sure that we eat good fats rather than bad fats.

The proliferation of cheap, easily produced vegetable oils has led to a major imbalance in the diets of most people today. These oils, while not containing cholesterol, do contain a huge amount of omega-6 fatty acids. While these are essential to the body, research has shown that if the proportion of omega-6 to omega-3 fatty acids is too high, it causes inflammation in the body. This type of chronic inflammation is the basis for almost every disease that man is prone to, including heart disease, strokes and even cancer

The typical western diet has a ratio of 15:1 omega-6 fats to omega-3 fats, while science reveals that a ratio of 2:1 is the highest we should be consuming. Experts say that early man ate a diet that provided an equal ratio of these two essential nutritional groups. If we wish to reduce chronic inflammation and our risks of disease, we must pay attention to the fats we eat.

Good Fats – Types and Effect on Inflammation

Unsaturated fats are the good guys when it comes to getting the fats our bodies actually need to survive. There are two types of unsaturated fats: polyunsaturated and monounsaturated. For a long time, it was thought that these two types were the same when it comes to health but research has now shown that we should be focused on monounsaturated fats.

Polyunsaturated fats are the ones found in most vegetable oils. They help to lower bad cholesterol and contain omega-3 fatty acids which are anti-inflammatory as well as being beneficial in many other ways. Recently, however, research has shown that these fats also contain huge amounts of omega-6 fatty acids. While just as essential as the omega-3 group, when you take far more of the 6s than the 3s, your body is put into a pro-inflammatory state. In other words, this can increase chronic inflammation that leads to cell and tissue damage.

Monounsaturated fats, on the other hand, maintain a much better balance between the two vital fatty acids, as well as being high in things like vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. This type of fat is found in olive, canola, sesame, avocado and peanut oils. Simply switching from ordinary vegetable oils to these heart-healthy oils can go a long way towards reducing inflammation in the body.

Bad Fats – Types and Effects on Inflammation

Saturated fats and trans fatty acids are the real bad guys in the world of fats. They increase cholesterol, clog arteries and generally increase the risk of serious heart disease and stroke. Studies have recently linked these bad fats to an increased risk of prostate and colon cancer, as well.

Trans fats are only present in dairy and meat sources in small amounts. If this was the only source, we wouldn’t have to worry much. Unfortunately, artificial sources make up a large portion of most modern diets. Artificial trans fats are created when liquid vegetable oils are hardened, transforming into what is called partially hydrogenated fat.

The major problem is that partially hydrogenated fats are hidden inside much of today’s highly processed foods so people are getting far more of these bad fats than they are aware. These fats create a huge imbalance in the fatty acid groups as mentioned in the last section. Those whose diets consist largely of processed foods have been found to have omega-6 to omega-3 ratios as high as 40:1.

Understanding the difference between the omega fatty acids, and balancing your nutritional health diet in a way that it isn’t highly inflammatory from eating excessive amounts of bad fats, is critical for controlling inflammation and your risks for serious health problems.

The balance between good fats and bad fats [] is a major determinant for whether your diet is highly inflammatory and low in nutritional quality.

Prostate Health Diet: Become a Positive Statistic With Prostate Health Tips

Following a prostate health diet can reduce your chance of getting prostate cancer or other prostate problems. The prostate gland is part of the male reproductive system. It surrounds the urethra that carries urine from the bladder and sperm from the testicles. The prostate gland is about the shape and size of a walnut. The prostate increases in size slowly, over time, which is normal. However, if the prostate grows abnormally, it causes problems.

There are no definite ways to prevent prostate cancer, but following a prostate health diet may lower your risk of developing benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostate cancer, and other prostate problems.

Men who are 50 years old and older are usually the ones who suffer from prostate problems. It has been proven that men who consumed high calorie, high protein diets are at greater for developing prostate problems. Following a prostate health diet can prevent disease by slowing down the growth of the prostate gland.

Plant based estrogens, called isoflavones, may benefit prostate health when regularly consumed. Isoflavones are abundant in soy and other vegetables. The ideal food choices for a prostate health diet are low in fat. Also, decrease intake of caffeinated beverages, such as tea and coffee.

Early detection and treatment of a malignant growth on the prostate gland has a higher chance of full recovery. Prostate cancer develops when there is a malignant tumor that grows slowly and remains in the area for years and goes undetected because it produces no signs and symptoms.

Lycopene, Selenium, Vitamin E, and Zinc are essential vitamins for prostate health.

Here are some prostate health diet guidelines. Just add these foods to your diet, and these may help in preventing not just prostate problems, but other health problems as well.

· Omega-3 rich food, such as flax seeds

· Soy products

· Legumes

· Vitamin D rich foods

· Avoid foods that are rich in fat and cholesterol

· Avoid drinking alcoholic beverages and smoking tobacco

· Increase intake of fresh vegetables and fruits

· Avoid consuming caffeinated beverages


Some prostate cancer treatments can be harmful to your body. There are supplemental natural treatments for prostate cancer, such as: Leatrile and Cesium High PH Therapy. Leatrile is a highly concentrated form of vitamin B17. While, Cesium High PH Therapy is Cesium, and will reduce the amount of glucose that crosses the cell membrane, since cancer cells need glucose for them to survive. Natural cures for prostate cancer are possible but should not take the place of treatments recommended by your doctor. The best defense is a prostate health diet.

Tips For Health Diet Fitness

When it comes to health diet fitness programs these three elements are going to keep you on the road to healthy living with a good diet and a regular fitness program.

Of course when it comes to health diet fitness if your diet is poor and your fitness program non existent then there is a really good chance that you are not very healthy. But not to worry in as little as a month you can see positive changes if you just make some changes to your diet and fitness. Remember a wise man once said “if you don’t change anything then nothing will change.” You’ll feel revitalized, energized, and much younger.

Whether you are 10 or 100 you get to have the final say over your health diet fitness programs. Nothing has to be difficult. There are many things you can to fix your diet and your level of fitness. Diet changes reducing your fat intake, increasing your fruits and vegetable intake, or just eating more fish can make a significant difference to your overall health. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a great way to start to improve your nutrition.

Health diet fitness programs are designed to make sure that you get the maximum benefits all the way around. They are designed to help you loose those extra pounds if you have any, keep you toned, and keep you heart healthy.

What you eat is very important both for your overall health but also if you want to lose some weight. You should never reduce your calorie intake by more than 500 or there is a good chance that your body will think it is starving and start hording those calories as fat which is defeating your goal for health diet fitness improvements.

When you decide to make those changes in your diet remember that it’s a two part formula diet fitness health. When you take care of the diet your next task is to take care of the fitness. Too many people get their workout from the television remote and too many people don’t realize just how easy it is to increase your fitness.

Health diet fitness is a three part formula. Health = Diet + Fitness. So when you improve your diet you also need to follow through and also make fitness a priority. You need to create a routine that includes a fitness routine too. It doesn’t have to be difficult. A casual 30 minute walk can do wonders for you. It’s great for your physical health and your mental health. Speed it up and give your heart a good cardio workout.

The health diet fitness formula isn’t a new concept. We’ve all been practicing it for some time now but without attaching a name or an idea. We know what we need to do to be healthy and live long healthy lives. Sometimes it’s just about finding the time to make those changes or making a commitment for that change.

So what does it all mean? The health diet fitness program is about you and what you want your diet or fitness program to be made up of. After all it’s your health!

Start on a Natural Health Diet: Fight Hypothyroidism

Having a natural health diet will help you in taking control of your hypothyroidism issues. The feeling of having a healthy body and mind is not far away, but it will not happen unless you take the initiative and start on your own path. Being on a natural health diet plan will bring about many pleasing changes. You should consider this method before resorting to taking prescription drugs, which can possibly harm your health more than helping.

Energy is the Key to a Happy Life

Being on a proper natural diet helps with losing that weight gained because of low thyroid symptoms. Even exercising daily may not help you defeat the weight gain. This will change, however, from being on the natural diet because it is designed to help give you the set plan on what foods will provide you the energy you need.

Hypothyroidism drains the body’s nutrients and energy by having a slow metabolism. This slow metabolism that takes place is the cause of excessive weight gain because the body just simply does not have the energy to break down the calories being consumed.

Your Body Needs Nutrients

Go on the natural diet and get that energy you need to go out again. Stop being stuck in one spot because of low energy levels. Having low thyroid symptoms can just bring your body down from lack of nutrition. Excessive dieting will do this also because you are purposely starving yourself to lose the weight that is being gained. The lack of nutrient intake from food only makes the hypothyroidism become worse. This happens because your body requires a specific amount of calories to be broken down daily, and since you are dieting and eating less food this does not happen. Once the body recognizes the indication of a calories being withheld, the metabolism slows down. So do not take the chance of this happening by overly dieting because you want to lose weight. Just take the simple path of choosing to go on the natural health diet to help your low thyroid levels, and shed the weight fast.

The calories that are consumed while on the natural health diet are very low, but you will still have the right amount needed to keep the body healthy. Also a part of this diet is specific nutrients which stimulate the thyroid activity naturally, basically meaning that you will be able to start losing weight. Besides knowing what foods are good for hypothyroidism, also learn about what foods are bad and damage the thyroid more. Naturally, your body craves vitamins and minerals to survive, and each part of the body has specific wants of what will help it out more. With these being obtained through a healthy diet, you replenish what had gone missing through dieting. A proper natural health diet is like no other. It tells you what foods to eat and cook with, and does not tell you that you are only allowed to eat a few carrots a day. The intention is to replenish, not diminish.

Do not wait until you have resorted to taking all other methods for a low thyroid beside this one. Get started on a natural health diet now, and get on the right track to successfully shaking off the miserable feelings of hypothyroidism. You will see great results, and lose nothing but weight to begin fitting into those clothes you have wanted to wear again.